Soundtrack Giveaway 2012

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the third annual soundtrack giveaway here at the Ink Slinger blog. I am your host, Caesar Flickerman, and this year our contestants will be fighting to the death for a chance to win one of the best soundtracks of 2012.

60sActually, we’ll be drawing names. I just couldn’t resist the Hunger Games reference.

If you’ve participated before, you know how this works. If you haven’t, you’re probably wondering what’s going on. “A soundtrack giveaway? What is that?” Well, it’s just like any other giveaway. Only instead of getting a quilt, a CD, or a book, the winner gets a soundtrack.

“Fine,” you say. “Makes sense. But why soundtracks? I don’t see other bloggers giving away soundtracks.” I’m glad you noticed, because that’s the point. Nobody else I know of is doing this sort of thing, so I’m doing it.

“And what if I don’t listen to soundtracks, or enjoy them?” Well, in that case, I’d have to say – very kindly – that you’re missing out. Big time.

2012 has yielded many fine film scores from many fine composers, but only two will be featured in this giveaway. Those two are The Dark Knight Rises (Hans Zimmer) and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Howard Shore). Magnificent work from two of the best in the business.

Leave a comment if you would like your name to be entered in the drawing. To increase your chances, share this giveaway on your blog and/or link to it via social networking. Let me know you have done so, and I’ll enter your name once for each share. The giveaway will close at 12pm MT on Friday, December 21st. A name will then be drawn and the winner will recieve his/her choice of the soundtracks featured (in MP3 format).

77 thoughts on “Soundtrack Giveaway 2012”

  1. I’ve never liked giveaways, I’m not sure why, but how could I possibly resist a chance to get my hands on those tracks….:)

  2. Until Moviebyte started giving things away I had never signed up for a giveaway in my life. Now I can’t stop.

  3. I’m your huckleberry! Although…we already have the best two soundtracks from this year…

  4. I have two daughters that love to write and love to write with soundtracks playing in the background. What kind of father would I be if I didn’t enter this drawing for them? Oh, and I’ll share it on FB as well.

  5. Oh gosh, super exciting! I would love to win the Hobbit soundtrack… I pinned on Pinterest (link below) and shared the giveaway with some of my G+ circles!

  6. Awe man… I was looking forward to fighting to the death : ) Jk

    Interesting Idea. Add my name to the list please.

  7. Cool!
    I am hereby entering here, and I’m mere moments away from sharing it on Facebook & Twitter as well.

    1. Tough question. :) I don’t think I could pick just one: Hans Zimmer, John Powell, J.N. Howard, and Howard Shore are favorites, and I like some of John Williams’ work (though I think he’s overrated by many). Clint Mansell has written several brilliant scores, too.

  8. You are so awesome.

    I’ve been waiting for this all year! Well, almost.

    Please enter me! I’ll be back to share it round ’bout the internet. :D

    And, naturally, perfectly epic choice of prizes. :cool:

  9. Hooray! A chance for more writing music in my library? Who could pass that up. I would be amazingly pleased to win a copy of either of these. I”ll go ahead and share on facebook as well as my blog. :)

  10. Finally got around to seeing The Dark Knight Rises last night (loved it!) and am looking forward also to seeing the Hobbit over Christmas… awesome!

  11. I volunteer as Trib– *cough* I would like to enter!

    I also shared this on G+. I don’t suppose word of mouth quite counts…

        1. Hello there! I’m here from the recommendation of Elizabeth K. :)

          I’ve never watched The Dark Night, but I would love to add The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey soundtrack to the LOTR soundtracks that I have! I’ve also shared this link on facebook.

          You have a very nice blog and I’m looking forward to looking into it some more!

  12. I am in! I would love to have either of these soundtracks! I have reposted this link of facebook. And I was referred here by Colleen A.

  13. Soundtracks! I love them. I am especially interested in The Hobbit. :D

    I shared the link on Facebook.

  14. Ooh, I so want the Hobbit soundtrack. I’ve never seen either of these movies but soundtracks make such awesome writing music and I’m already in love with the Hobbit trailer music. :D

  15. I’m in! Thank you, Gabriel for mentioning this on FB! I shall have to add this blog to my list of sites to check on a regular basis for cools posts and giveaways…

  16. I can’t believe the soundtrack of The Hobbit was released before the movie. For some reason I thought it always went the other way around. :D

  17. Several of my friends on Google + have already reminded me about the giveaway by posting it to their streams, so here I am. :D You sure get around, Corey, but I wish you were on G+ yourself. You’d waste spend so much time rolling on the floor from the antics we find ourselves in on there! It’s great fun, and you’d fit in wonderfully. :D

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