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2012 Year in Review: Movies

Top Ten

Artistically and thematically brilliant, Nolan’s final Batman film is a triumph of superhero storytelling: ambitious, thought-provoking, emotional, and redemptive. A spectacular achievement on every level. When I say the trilogy couldn’t have ended any better, I mean the trilogy could not have ended any better. I could go on and on about how amazing it all is, but ultimately, my verdict can be summed up as follows: not only is this the biggest, boldest, and best Batman movie of them all, it’s the most magnificent superhero film I have ever seen. Simple as that.
2. LOOPER (2012)
A carefully constructed sci-fi action-puzzler that runs as smoothly as clockwork. Thrilling? Yes. Action-packed? Yes. But look beneath the guns and gadgets and you’ll see something even better: a thinking brain and a beating heart. Bravo, director Johnson. Bravo. You’ve given us a sci-fi film for the ages.
It’s good to be back in Middle Earth again. There are a few minor technical missteps – and some (understandable) liberties are taken with the original material – but the overall result is so sumptuous, so exciting, and so impressive that any flaws are easily forgiven or forgotten. This is epic fantasy filmmaking at its very, very finest. Jackson has laid a terrific foundation for the rest of the trilogy, and I’m looking forward to Part II.
4. THE AVENGERS (2012)
The finest film Marvel has yet produced. Flawless casting, spectacular set pieces, thrilling action, clever writing, and an enthralling story – all revolving around superheroes that are truly super. Forget big, dumb fun. This is big, smart fun. Big, smart, explosive fun.
Not for the weak of heart (or stomach), but a powerful film nonetheless. The story itself isn’t new or incredibly original, but it gains a lot of emotional heft from the bond between the two lead characters: a thing of beauty amidst so much ugliness. The performances of Bon Win and Sae-Ron Kim are understated yet wonderful, and the action is brilliantly done, making most Hollywood stunts look silly by comparison.
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Soundtrack Giveaway 2012

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


It’s been almost a decade since The Lord of the Rings trilogy came to a close, and now, finally, The Hobbit has arrived. Was it worth the wait? Yes. A thousand times yes. Gorgeous visuals. Marvelous characters. Brilliant storytelling. Spectacular action. Thank you again, Peter Jackson… now hurry up with Parts II and III. You’ve got a promise to make good on.

“Remember this: true courage is not about knowing when to take a life, but when to spare one.”

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Soundtrack Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

61n3C87jK4L._SL500_AA300_ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Composer: Howard Shore
Running Time: 1 hr. 48 min.
Released: 2012
Opinon Stars: ★★★★★

Howard Shore has done it again, folks. Did we ever really fear that he wouldn’t? Bilbo’s journey might be unexpected, but the magnificence of this score is not. Shore’s work for The Lord of the Rings trilogy garnered him three Oscar nominations and two wins, and I’ll be shocked if The Hobbit doesn’t get him a third. The music of Middle Earth lives on, and I must say, it’s wonderful to hear it again. 2012 has been an outstanding year for film scores, but this one stands head-and-shoulders above them all.

Standout Tracks:
– My Dear Frodo
– Misty Mountains (feat. The Dwarf Cast & Richard Armitage)
– The Adventure Begins
– An Ancient Enemy
– Warg-Scouts
– A Thunder Battle
– Out of the Frying Pan
A Good Omen

The score also features Neil Finn’s Song of the Lonely Mountain. There are no words to describe the pure and utter awesomeness of it.