Soundtrack Giveaway 2011

Ladies and germs, allow me to welcome you to the second annual Soundtrack Giveaway here at the Ink Slinger blog. Be my guest and take a seat – we’re about to begin.

If you participated last year, you know what’s going on. You probably also noticed that I’m hosting this giveaway at a rather later date than last year. The reason is fairly simple: I wanted to sample all of the soundtracks released in 2011, including the ones released closer to the new year. I’m glad I made this decision, because otherwise, I would’ve missed out big time.

If you’re new to this giveaway – and most of my readers are – you are likely wondering what the heck is going on. “A soundtrack giveaway? What is that?” Easy – it’s just like any other giveaway. Only, instead of getting a quilt, a CD, or a book, the winner receives a soundtrack.

“Alrighty,” you say. “Makes sense. But why soundtracks? I don’t see any other bloggers giving away soundtracks.” I don’t either. That’s the point. Since nobody else I know of is doing it, I’ll do it.

Of course, there are those who will inevitably respond, “But what if I don’t listen to soundtracks, or enjoy them?” Well, in that case, I’d have to say – with all kindness – that it’s your loss.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on…

2011 has been a great year for film scores, so it’s rather difficult for me to select just two for this giveaway. Nevertheless, here you are: the soundtracks I’ll be featuring this year are Hans Zimmer’s score for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Alan Silvestri’s score for Captain America: The First Avenger.

Leave a comment if you would like your name to be entered in the drawing. To increase your chances, share this giveaway on your blog (or link to it via social networking), and let me know you have done so. I’ll enter your name for each “share”. The giveaway will close at 12pm MT on Friday, December 30th. Aftwards, a name will be drawn and the winner will recieve his/her choice of the soundtracks featured (on MP3).

Now… get going.

88 thoughts on “Soundtrack Giveaway 2011”

  1. I love good soundtracks, Once Upon a Time in the West being one of my favorites. So enter my EE into the pile. I take it this is delivered electronically. If not, I do have an American address. Thanks, Ink Slinger, you are one of the good guys!

  2. Hey man, I’ve actually just recently gotten into classical music and soundtracks, my favorites so far being the Tron, Inception, and Sherlock Holmes(1st movie) soundtracks. Put me in. :)

  3. Hmmm How did you read my mind? I was just thinking I should add the Sherlock’s Holmes music to my library of music. I’ve heard it’s amazing and the sampling I’ve listened to certainly are. So count me in!

  4. I would love to be entered! What a great idea – giving away soundtracks! I love listening to soundtracks while writing – there’s nothing better to inspire epic and exciting novels. :)

  5. Hey, I heard about this from my friend Noah’s blog (
    It definitely sounds unique, that’s all I can say. Put me in.

  6. Although I’m a johnny-come-lately on this, my brother, I have tweet’d this and have linked it to several Facebook pages:

    If I have the time, I’ll try to post on my blog… I have to run out to the radio station in a few moments so I’m not sure I’ll get one posted in time.

    Also, if you would, if you could, can my friend, Eddie Eddings, receive the credit for these entries? He is ever a blessing to me, and if these entries might be imputed to his account, I would be blessed and grateful.

  7. I don’t get out to see movies very often so this could be enjoyable just to listen to the soundtrack. Please count me in.

  8. Excellent, mate, You officially have a new viewer! Though I still explore Silvestri’s styles, anything from Hans Zimmer is an absolute plus (especially with his Sherlock Holmes soundtracks)! No one seems to fit the bill as well as him and John Powell.

    God Bless,

    1. Thanks, Josue! I appreciate it! :)

      To be honest, Captain America was the first of Silvestri’s scores to interest me. Other than that, I haven’t really paid much attention to him. And I totally agree about Zimmer – I always look forward to the new scores he produces. Ditto for Powell, J.N. Howard, Mansell, and Williams.

  9. I love listening to soundtracks when I write! Lord of the Rings is one of my favs, and I love the Doctor Who soundtracks. The Sherlock holmes music sounds great!

    elanor_gamgee at yahoo dot ca

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