Flotsam & Jetsam (4/25)

Atlas Shrugged Pt. II – Santiago discusses the machanics of Ayn Rand’s dystopian novel. But first, read this.

What If The Lord of the Rings Had Been Written By… – Persis gives us “Follies and Nonsense”… LOTR version. Oh, yeah.

On Guard – Jared Oliphint review a book by well-known apologist William Lane Craig: “The concern I have throughout this book is not the conclusions that are drawn but the book’s method and the way Craig arrives at those true conclusions. Craig’s approach assumes a deep reliance and dependence on selective, particular philosophical truths to explain the probability of theistic propositions, and an almost naïve hope that the theism he seeks to explain will contribute to individuals having good reasons for their Christian faith, or at least their belief in God.”

My Spell Chequer and Eye – I’m a fairly good speller, so this clever little poem made me laugh and cringe at the same time. (And it’s a good thing homeschoolers don’t really spell so atrociously, because some serious problems would inevitably ensue if they did.)

Movieology: The Conspirator – “After President Lincoln was assassinated, Yanks brought the conspirators to court for trial. Among the convicted: Mary Surratt. What became of her? Did the northern court give the southerners a fair trial? The Conspirator movie by Robert Redford uncovers the truth in this long forgotten story of our nation’s heritage.”

Spinning Wheels – Check out the newly released “Circular Tandem Bicycle”. Ain’t it sweet? Now let’s find some Mormons.

“It does not always pay to have a golden tongue unless
one has the ability to hold it.” ~ Paul Johnson

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