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Earth Day + Darwinism = Contradiction

Well, tomorrow is April 22: Earth Day. Therefore, I submit the following for your consideration. It may be of great help should you happen to encounter any rabid Darwinists…

“Has anyone else noticed a contradiction implicit in the annual Earth Day celebrations? That vast majority of devotees at such fetes are Darwinists who believe humans have an obligation to protect the environment. Starting with a naturalistic worldview, though, why should anyone care?

“For millions of years, Mother Nature has spewed noxious fumes and poisonous gasses into Earth’s atmosphere and littered the landscape with ash and lava. Indeed, the most ‘natural’ condition in the universe is death. As far as we know, the Earth is completely unique. Death reigns everywhere else.

“Species have passed into extinction at a steady rate from the beginning of time, the strong supplanting the weak. Why shouldn’t they? Each is in a struggle for survival, a dance of destruction fueling the evolutionary process. May the best beast win. That’s the logic of naturalism. Yet the sense of obligation to steward the Earth is strong. Why?

“The moral motivation for Earth Day simply does not follow from Darwinism. It makes sense, though, if God entrusted man with stewardship over the Earth… Earth Day makes sense for theists, but not Darwinists.”

~ Gregory Koukl, Tactics (Ch. 10, pp. 153-154)