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“Take Up and Read” (Shai Linne)

Luther, Sproul, Trueman, Tozer, Ryle, and Warfield – just a few of the names mentioned in this epic (yes, epic) song by Shai Linne. Also keep an ear out for such classic titles as The Godly Man’s Picture, Chosen By God, Redemption Accomplished and Applied, and The Bondage of the Will. You can even catch the names of two excellent magazines: Tabletalk and Modern Reformation.

I’ve heard an avalanche of praise for “Fal$e Teacher$”, and every ounce of it is well-deserved; however, whenever I hear someone recommend it, I think to myself, But what about the rest of the album? Don’t stop with one song – listen to the others!

So yeah: if you love rock solid biblical theology wedded to great music and even better poetry, buy yourself a copy of Lyrical Theology Pt. 1. It’s fan-freakin’-tastic.

“Our God Is In the Heavens” (Shai Linne)

From Shai Linne’s album The Attributes of God. Not only is this a great song, it also coincides almost perfectly with my response to Sam Harris. Even if you don’t particularly care for rap, you should give it a listen: the lyrics are absolutely terrific.