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A Thousand Daily Opportunities

“Ironically, sometimes people who are the most determined to avoid the sacrilege of putting things before God miss a thousand daily opportunities to thank him, praise him, and draw near to him because they imagine they ­shouldn’t enjoy the very things that God has made to help us know him and love him.” – Randy Alcorn

On Hell

“The doctrine of hell is not ‘mediaeval priestcraft’ for frightening people into giving money to the church: it is Christ’s deliberate judgment on sin…. We cannot repudiate hell without altogether repudiating Christ.” ~ Dorothy Sayers

“Hell is not evil; it’s a place where evil gets punished. Hell is not pleasant, appealing, or encouraging. But Hell is morally good, because a good God must punish evil.” ~ Randy Alcorn

“The fact that most people don’t believe in hell doesn’t mean
they won’t end up there.” ~ Cliffe Knechtle

“When I pastored a country church, a farmer didn’t like the sermons I preached on hell. He said, Preach about the meek
and lowly Jesus. I said, That’s where I got my information
about hell.” ~ Vance Havner

“There is nothing funny about Hell. Hollywood laughs at it, but it’s still not funny. A lot of people use hell as a byword or a curse word, but it’s still not funny. University professors mock it, but it’s not funny. Philosophers explain it away, but it’s still not funny. Hell is no joke.” ~ Shelton L. Smith

“Not believing in hell doesn’t lower the temperature down there
one degree.” ~ Neil T. Anderson

“Beware of manufacturing a God of your own: a God who is all mercy, but not just; a God who is all love, but not holy; a God who has a heaven for everybody, but a hell for none; a God who can allow good and bad to be side by side in time, but will make no distinction between good and broad in eternity. Such a God is an idol of your own, as truly an idol as any snake or crocodile in an Egyptian temple. The hands of your own fancy and sentimentality have made him. He is not the God of the Bible, and beside the God of the Bible, there is no God at all.” ~ J.C. Ryle

“It’s only a popular myth that Hell doesn’t exist. And it’s also cruel not to believe in Hell. For isn’t it cruel to tell skaters on thin ice that there’s no water under the ice and that they can’t possibly drown?” ~ Peter Kreeft