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The New Birth… No, I’m Being Literal This Time

My new brother, Elijah Henry, entered the world this morning at 8:13 AM. As you can see, the look on his face suggests that being born wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time. Just wait ’til he arrives home – he has no clue what a crazy family he’s been born into.

No Less Miraculous

“… if we are Christians it can only be because God has wonderfully intervened to give us new life. Every Christian ought to think long and hard about this, because we have an inevitable and at times very worldly tendency to regard some ‘conversions’ as being more wonderful and amazing than others. ‘Miraculous’, we say when a famous celebrity is ‘born again’, and of course we are right. But the miracle involved in the new birth of John or Jane Smith; whose name never appears in either Christian or secular press, is no less miraculous, no less wonderful and no less cause of joy in heaven. It involves the same exercise of divine power and the same abundance of God’s love. What we need to do, therefore, if we would enter into the joys of our new birth is not to cast a glance over our shoulder, enviously regarding the spiritual biography of another, but to search the Scriptures to see the rich measure of grace that God pours into every new child of God!”

~ Sinclair Ferguson, The Christian Life (Ch. 6, pg. 56)