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QT Unchained

My review of Tarantino’s latest is now live on MovieByte:

Say what you will about QT, but there’s no denying the man knows how to spin an entertaining yarn. He does it again in Django, which is no less a western for taking place in the antebellum South. Everything audiences have come to expect of Tarantino is here in spades: terrific writing, remarkable characters, quirky storytelling, and bizarrely awesome musical numbers. Violence is here, too, accompanied by enough gore to paint half of Albuquerque a cheery shade of red. More on that in a minute. Continue reading —>

Close Encounters


In 1982, a massive spacecraft stops directly above the South African city of Johannesburg, bearing in its belly the sickly remnants of an alien race. The aliens – disdainfully referred to as “prawns” – are exiled to District 9, a rigid containment zone on the fringes of Jo’burg, while world leaders argue about how to handle their unearthly visitors. Years go by with no decision reached, and as human-alien relations grow increasingly volatile, a private military company named Multi-National United steps in to assume control of the situation.

Not surprisingly, MNU is far less interested in the aliens’ welfare than it is in attempting to harness their bio-technology. When one MNU agent – Wikus van de Merwe (played by Sharlto Copley) – accidentally unlocks the secrets of the extraterrestrial weaponry, he finds himself targeted by his employers. Hunted and harried, Wikus finally retreats to the last place he ever wanted to go: District 9. Continue reading —>

Podcast Mania!

Podcastees, unite! On the hunt for edification and entertainment in the podcast world? Hunt no further! Listed below are five of my personal favorites – even if you don’t care for all of them, I’m sure you can find something worth subscribing to:

mza_6045113869656434090.170x170-75I. THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR
A staged production written and performed in the style of old-time radio, Thrilling Adventure Hour is live audio theater at its very best. The writing and voice acting are top notch, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more creative (or more hilarious) podcast on iTunes. My favorite segments? “Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars” and “Beyond Belief”. I can always count on a good laugh when listening to those two. Learn more about the show here.
canonwiredII. CANONWIRED
Sermons, sermon excerpts, “Ask Doug” clips, and other theological media from Christ Church in Moscow, ID. (There’s even more material available at the CanonWired website.) Not sure where to start? Try “Guns, Gun Control, and Resistance to Government Tyranny”. It’s one of the best talks I’ve heard on the subject.
mza_8708712639018408712.170x170-75III. THE MOVIEBYTE PODCAST
I am, admittedly, a little biased since I write for the MovieByte website… but you should certainly check it out all the same. TJ and Joseph have 1) an enthusiastic love for movies, 2) a great sense of humor, and 3) an appreciation for good discussion. If you consider yourself a cinephile, this is one podcast you won’t want to miss.
mza_5783986248380937563.170x170-75IV. X MINUS ONE
X Minus One is a science fiction radio drama that aired from 1955 to 1958. The first 15 episodes were a continuation of an older show, but the remainder were adaptations of newly published stories by leading sci-fi writers like Asimov, Bradbury, Dick, and Pohl. Hit subscribe and fasten your seatbelt. You’ll know you’re in for a ride as soon as announcer Fred Collins begins the countdown.
mza_7008442946093453127.170x170-75V. THE PHIL VISCHER PODCAST
VeggieTales fan or not, I’m sure you’ll find The Phil Vischer Podcast worth your time. Phil and co-host Skye Jethani carry on lively conversations about pop culture, theology, movies, music, books, and more. Heck, you’ll even get to hear Phil play the ukelele.

Words That Have Nothing to Say

My review of The Words is now live on MovieByte:

The premise has a lot going for it; throw in an A-list cast (including the venerable Jeremy Irons) and it sounds like a recipe for success. Besides, who doesn’t like a cleverly constructed literary thriller?

There’s just one problem (no, three problems): The Words isn’t clever. Nor is it thrilling. And its literary merit? Well, that’s questionable in the extreme. The Words is a dimestore novel masquerading as sophisticated literature — a cheap, tepid, pretentious mess that tries to hide its lack of substance behind an overly complex narrative structure. Continue reading —->

Axe-Wielding Abe

From my review of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, now published on MovieByte:

You thought you knew him. America’s 16th President. The Great Emancipator. Writer of the Gettysburg Address. Wearer of top hat and chin curtain beard. But as he declares in the opening lines of this film, “However history remembers me, if it remembers me at all, it shall only remember a fraction of the truth.”

The rest of the truth is this — Honest Abe was a vampire hunter, driven to action by his mother’s death at the hands (or should I say teeth) of the undead. Bet you didn’t learn that in history class.

And before we go any further, I may as well make an introduction: Abraham Van Helsing, meet Abraham Lincoln. You two should get along just fine together. Continue reading —>