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Unnecessary Goodness

Expanded thoughts on the movie Chef and what it says about food and the prodigality of God:

Jon Favreau plays Carl Caspar, a chef who quits his job at a well-to-do LA restaurant after a heated exchange with its owner. Desperate to make ends meet without sacrificing his creative integrity, Caspar starts a food truck. The rest is movie history.

With smart and frequently hilarious writing, a snazzy soundtrack, and a talented cast (special hat tip to John Leguizamo as Caspar’s buddy Martin), the fun factor is already high with this one. But since I can never leave well enough alone, allow me, if only for a few paragraphs, to wax ineloquent about one of the things that put Chef a step above mere entertainment for me.

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This past weekend, some friends and I watched Jon Favreau’s Chef (2014). Perhaps I’ll attempt a more in-depth review at a later date when work deadlines aren’t breathing down my neck; for now, just know it is a fantastic film. Behind all the drool-worthy food stuffs and toe-tapping, finger-snapping music, there’s a story about family with some meaningful things to say about fathers and sons. It’s funny, wise, and refreshingly non-Disneyesque. Queue it up after the kids are in bed. You’ll thank me later.