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Close Encounters


In 1982, a massive spacecraft stops directly above the South African city of Johannesburg, bearing in its belly the sickly remnants of an alien race. The aliens – disdainfully referred to as “prawns” – are exiled to District 9, a rigid containment zone on the fringes of Jo’burg, while world leaders argue about how to handle their unearthly visitors. Years go by with no decision reached, and as human-alien relations grow increasingly volatile, a private military company named Multi-National United steps in to assume control of the situation.

Not surprisingly, MNU is far less interested in the aliens’ welfare than it is in attempting to harness their bio-technology. When one MNU agent – Wikus van de Merwe (played by Sharlto Copley) – accidentally unlocks the secrets of the extraterrestrial weaponry, he finds himself targeted by his employers. Hunted and harried, Wikus finally retreats to the last place he ever wanted to go: District 9. Continue reading —>