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An Exercise in Manliness

Some of you may have caught this headline already, but for those who have not:
10-year-old Wash. Boy Defends Mom with BB Gun.

Apparently, the man accused of the assault rents a room in the woman’s home. He returned drunk Tuesday morning, kicked down a bedroom door, and began choking the woman. In response, the woman’s 10-year-old son struck the man with a board, and then proceeded to shoot him as many as four times in the face with a pump-action BB rifle.

The woman and her son were able to escape to a neighbor’s home and call for help; the 45-year-old attacker was treated at a hospital and subsequently arrested.

That’s what I call good old-fashioned red-blooded manliness. And in culture of limp-handed, pouty-faced, chicken-hearted girly guys, we need more of it.