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55 Favorite Movie Lines

Inspiration for this post came from Sherry Early, who recently shared this on her blog, Semicolon. I read it and thought to myself, Fifty-five is a cool number. Why not do a similar post? So I did. And here you are. The movie geek in me is now obvious.

I should warn you ahead of time that if you’re not a cinephile, you’ll probably find this post extremely slow and incredibly stupid. I know I have at least a few fellow movie buffs among my readership, so if you’re there, now’s the time to speak up (in the comment section).

Also, take note: in the – slightly altered – words of Mark Twain, “Readers attempting to find profundity in this post will be prosecuted; readers attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; readers attempting to find a coherent structure in it will be shot.”

Just so we’re clear. Now, in no particularly organized fashion, I give you some of my favorite lines from the world of film.
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