Flotsam & Jetsam 1/20

Top Brew – My internet-buddy Joe Darnell recently launched a podcast dedicated to all things coffee. I’m the blog’s managing editor, which basically means I get to read about delicious coffee and drool over it before any of you blokes do. By all means, check it out.

American Sniper – This is a powerful, powerful film. Ignore those dismissing it as a jingoistic shoot-em-up: it’s nothing of the sort, and they’ve clearly missed the point.

Wanted On Voyage – I don’t pre-order things. But I did pre-order George Ezra’s newest album, because it sounds too friggin’ good. It’s currently available on Spotify.

Mt. Fuji – Brilliant description of Tolkien’s incalculable impact on the fantasy genre.

Woman’s Parents Accepting of Mixed-Attractiveness Relationship – The Onion at its best: “Janet Stevens went on to say that, if the two ever got married, she would love their children no matter how average-looking they are.”

“The contents of someone’s bookcase are part of his history, like an ancestral portrait.” – Anatole Broyard

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