This is something of a tribute. I hate mawkishness, so Lord willing there won’t be any of that here. But I also think Capon was onto something when he said “man was made to lead with his chin; he is worth knowing only with his guard down, his head up and his heart rampant on his sleeve.” Here is my sleeve. Make of it what you will.

The past four weeks have been their own kind of Hades. No need for details. They just have been. At the beginning, it felt like the world was turned very suddenly and nastily upside down; still does, to some extent. I was lucky, though. Scratch that. (I’m a good Presbyterian and we don’t believe in luck.) I was blessed. Am blessed. I have family. I have friends. The very best of both.

When you fall, these are the kind of people you want your body to land on. They’ll catch it, carry it. Wipe the blood off your face, and the tears, too. Love the hell out of you. Assure you that life, in fact, goes on, because the Storyteller is still telling this story and always has been. They’re good people like that.

I have a brother, two years my junior. We’re kind of inseparable; at least, I like to think so. The thing about brothers is, sometimes you don’t realize how close you are until one of you has to help the other pick pieces of himself up off the ground. Times like these, it hits you: you’d kill for this guy at the drop of a hat, and you know – you know, as certainly as you know anything – he’d do the same for you.

Another thing about brothers (or at least, about my brother): they seem to know instinctively that sometimes just being there is better than a dozen words, however well-intentioned. People tend to overlook this simple truth, but there it is. Sometimes all that’s needed, or wanted, is a gentle slap on the back. An acknowledgement that, Hey, you don’t have to talk, but I’m here all the same. Just sitting is cool. Brothers know this. Brothers know the therapeutic benefits of laughter and wrestling and blowing stuff up in Borderlands 2.

So I guess this is my way of saying thank you, broski. Hope I didn’t embarrass you too much. Always gold, right?

P.S. No matter how big you get, I’ll always be bigger, and fully capable of kicking your ass. Just a reminder.

17 thoughts on “Brother”

  1. I love that you have such a great brother in Jake! I loved reading this. =) And, if I may admit, it gives me hope and encouragement for my two close-in-age, professional-antagonist eldest sons.

    We love you, Corey, and you have our prayers!

  2. You both sound like my two brothers. Done some loving and blood-wiping myself of late for one of them too, actually… Prayers to you and your family, Corey.

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