How to Bless America (when you don’t want to)

This Independence Day, in between the firecrackers and the hamburgers and the beer, take time to read this piece by Toby Sumpter. It’s the real deal:

But wherever we find ourselves, if we can’t pronounce blessing on the people closest to us, how will we ever learn to bless those furthest from us? And if we are called to bring the blessing of God, the blessing of Abraham’s God, to every family, to every nation, then we need to learn to bless our nations too. This is not jingoistic nationalism. This is no bland, pagan well-wishing or carnal swagger. This is the potent blessing of Almighty God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit — the Blessing of the Triune God who ever lives and reigns — the God to whom every nation must bow the knee.

And how will every nation bow to King Jesus if His people do not defiantly proclaim His blessings to them now?

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