Flotsam & Jetsam (7/14)

At Home in Mitford – “He loved the sound of any laughter, but hers was a laughter that ignited something in his spirit.”

Challies on home schooling: a credibility problem – “What has transpired here,” writes Joel McDurmon, “can be a wake-up call for all Christians, especially those dedicated to the golden calf of tax-funded, government schools.”

Designed for Closeness, Fellowship, and Companionship – A fantastic excerpt from Wilson’s book My Life for Yours.

Uplift and Sunshine – “The Founders knew we were not exceptional, and drafted a Constitution that did not trust us, not even a little bit. The subtext of the Constitution is not ‘beware of the English crown,’ and it is not even ‘beware of the commies from the Soviet Union.’ The subtext of the Constitution is that we are constantly to beware of boobus Americanus and the inveigling mountebanks they elect. We are particularly to watch their beady little eyes (Art. I, Sec. 2), their greasy palms (Art. III, Sec. 1), their sweaty foreheads (Art. II, Sec. 4), and their glowing promises filled with Uplift and Sunshine (Art. IV, Sec. 4).”

Snowpiercer – This looks to be interesting, at the very least.

“There is a great hunger for beauty in our world, a hunger that our popular art fails to recognize and our serious art often defies.” – Roger Scruton

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