It’s 3 AM and I’m Talking About Superheroes

_1395260042As I write this, the clock is telling me it’s 3:16 am – a fact I completely believe, given that my head is fixing make unbridled contact with the keyboard any second now. But that’s okay. I just returned from a late showing of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and seldom has exhaustion felt so satisfying.

This isn’t really a review – the wee hours of the morning are not my finest, coherency-wise – but I would like to tell you to go see this movie. Seriously, folks. Even if you’re not a fan of superhero movies, go see this one. It’s splendid, and sweetly ironic, too: here is Marvel’s “dullest superhero” delivering the smartest, coolest, and most sophisticated film in the canon to date.

If it helps, allow me to put it in these terms: The Winter Soldier is a 12 oz. steak, next to which The Avengers is a jar of Gerber baby food. Yes, I really went there. Your move, Mr. Whedon.

P.S. This may or may not have been the first Marvel film to make me misty-eyed.

P.P.S. Hold onto your butts: the action scenes are insane.

P.P.P.S. There are two post-credit scenes. You do not want to miss either one.

One thought on “It’s 3 AM and I’m Talking About Superheroes”

  1. Can’t wait to see this one! When I first heard the title, months ago, I thought “Winter Soldier” was describing Captain America. Once I saw the trailer (which was pretty awesome in itself) I knew it was much more than I expected. It’s playing here in Kuwait. If there is a kissing scene it will be cut from the film (as always).
    btw – Kuwait has banned Noah because its original message was changed.

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