Flotsam & Jetsam (4/1)

Shock Report – “Back then, they called him Molech and they killed in primitive darkness. Today they call him Choice and they kill in clean, white rooms.”

Teach Him a Code of Honor – An excerpt from A Landscape with Dragons.

Aronofsky’s Noah: a panoply of Jewish paganism – Fascinating: “All this wrangling with God, but of course, Aronofsky doesn’t even believe in God. For him and his partner, ‘God’ is a literary construct used to explore the human condition. And thus, in the end, we find that all we have is our choices and our values and our mercy. And that’s what drives this apostate Jewish tradition, and what drives Aronofsky’s Noah.”

Christian Discernment and Candace Cameron as a Model of Modesty – My Mom hits this one out of the park. Just sayin.

Why Is This Issue Different? – DeYoung writes, “I received an email yesterday afternoon to this effect: Could someone please give a short, simple explanation as to why the issue of homosexuality is not like Christians differing on baptism or the millennium?”

Wolverine The Musical – ‘Who Am I?’ from Les Mis like you’ve never heard it before.

Sympathy for the Devil – Possibly the best piece on Noah I’ve read yet.

“We should not think that those who will not listen to what Scripture says will listen to anything else – so why resort to gimmickry?” – D.A. Carson

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