8 thoughts on “He Hasn’t Read This Yet”

  1. Not batting from Joel Osteen’s corner here, but the actual point he is making in that specific comment I believe is biblically correct (And yes, I’m well aware I just ran out into the middle of a gun range wearing a target T-shirt).

    1. Dearest BushMaid (and you know I mean that!) :) –Do you mean focusing on what’s right in that we are wretched sinners who have been saved by God’s grace? That we need to fix our eyes on Christ and remember who we are in Christ? Because anytime we fix our eyes on SELF, i.e, “you’re a great mother,” “you’re a loving sister,” “you get to work on time,” etc. we give pride an open door and we forget that it is ALL grace. Joel Osteen is a false teacher, and his teachings alone make us all realize that when Joel tells us to think about what’s right with us, it’s not a call to consider that we’re clothed with the righteousness of Christ, but rather a journey in “positive thinking” that sets ourselves up as little gods who can create our own destiny of wealth and happiness. Joel’s idea of what’s right with us is bound up in our own abilities and positive circumstances. In fact, he’s so busy telling people to focus on what is right with them, that he’s leading them straight to hell, for they’re not hearing why they so desperately need a Savior. May the Holy Spirit open up his eyes to the truth found in the Word and give him a heart of flesh to replace that heart of stone. Love you, dear!

      1. I love you too, Mrs Poff. :D Thank you for replying, I agree with your comment in that we should keep our eyes on Christ and remember that the old has passed away, and we are now new creations I’m Him alone. That is how I took the comment; dwelling on the idea that we are still wretched and miserable isn’t right because we are now saved children of God. We should have our eyes solely on Him to be sure, but I don’t believe it is right to think and believe negatively about ourselves when Christ has made the way for us to be holy by His own blood. It must grieve His heart to see those He suffered for living and believing they are worthless and vile when He has already washed them inside and out, making them pure before Him. Of course though, if you aren’t putting across that it is all because of Jesus we can be, turning your gaze selfward is dangerous and wrong, as you said.

        Now I haven’t heard any of this guy’s teaching, so I won’t defend him or condemn him, I was merely backing the concept I saw in the statement. I don’t believe positive thinking alone causes good things to happen, but I do believe God places a lot of value on thoughts (as a man thinks in his heart so is he) and that thoughts do influence our lives. And though I don’t believe in the idea that positive thinking will make us wealthy, I do believe God’s blessing is upon His children, and that He does have the desire to empower us through any means (be it money or other) in order to bless others. We are filled to overflow to those around us.

        Again, I don’t know Joel Osteen’s teaching, but I am strongly against publicly judging, ridiculing and condemning a person I don’t know. I judge a person’s teaching against God’s Word, but I don’t believe it’s my place to judge him as a person. Different thing if I knew him personally, and could go to him and lovingly tell him that he is teaching contrary to Scripture. But slamming teachers over social media I think is not a good witness of how God meant for us to love one another. Sure, you can caution people about one’s teaching, but attacking them as people, “judging another’s servant”, isn’t what we are called to do.

        End rant. ;) My defensiveness generally comes out of my latter point, rather than on the teacher/teaching. If I were teaching something I believed to be true and people publicly accused and condemned me instead of coming to me in truth, I would find it cruel, not loving. And we are called above all things to love.

        1. Well, there’s a lot to address here, and I can’t cover it all, so I’ll just leave it at this: we have different ideas of what Christian love is, as shown to a wolf in sheep’s clothing and whether or not we can publicly criticize public figures. You are speaking of dealing with private offenses, not dealing with a public figure. For example, if you offended me, I would be required to come to you directly, not broadcast it on the internet. And offending someone is not spreading heresy, and that’s what we’re speaking of when it comes to Joel Osteen. We need to take seriously those who are distorting the word of God and preaching a different gospel. How in the world do you separate the person from the teaching, when what comes from our mouths comes from our hearts? And regarding those who sit and think that they are vile and worthless in spite of being redeemed, well, they need to remember where their worth comes from (from who they are in Christ) and think less of themselves and more of Christ (I’m not addressing chemical depression and other physical causes) and there’s also a bit of repenting for often that kind of thinking is sometimes rooted in deep pride, which is sin–it’s all about ME. I know a bit about that because I’ve been there.

          1. I’ve been there too. I’m so very grateful for the grace of God in that… I do hope my comment wasn’t found to be offensive, Mrs Poff. I in no way meant it to be. Though I most respectfully disagree on some things and in some ways, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. I’m aware that there is much I don’t know nor understand, and I value your wisdom and experience. Thank you for sharing it. :) I’m grateful that we have hearts to know the truth and are continually learning as we walk in Him.

  2. BushMaid, you weren’t offensive at all! We already know we love each other, :), and I’m thankful for the sharpening discussion! Amen to the continually learning and being made more and more like Jesus every day. {{{HUGS}}}

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