Abide and Endure and Exert Valor Always

Bold Beowulf replied, that brave son of Ecgtheow,
“Sovereign king, do not sorrow – it seems better to me
To finish the feud as friends wreaking vengeance
Than sorrow in silence. We simply decide
To abide and endure and exert valor always,
To find dignity in death. When his days are all done,
The worthiest warrior is well remembered.”

Beowulf: A New Verse Rendering by Douglas Wilson

4 thoughts on “Abide and Endure and Exert Valor Always”

  1. Sorry, but I will always love the Seamus Haney translation. And the original old English has a lot in it. When you feel like screaming, go stand on a rooftop and start chanting Beowulf in the Old English. Works every time.

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