A Breath of Fresh Air

The Matt Walsh Blog is one of the best discoveries I’ve made all year, and this piece (Men and Women Are Not Equal) is a shining example why. Amid the sewage of postmodernist “thinking”, voices like his are nothing less than a breath of fresh, clean, life-giving air.

Men and women are not equal. They are not they same. There’s really no avoiding this fact, so Modern Liberators have instead set out to convince everyone that the inherent differences between men and women are meaningless and entirely superficial. Interesting thing, that feminism — it elevates women by telling them that every unique female trait is expendable and pointless. “There’s nothing special or different about you. Now you’re free! Congratulations!” Weak, gutless men absolutely love this idea. You should see all the emails I received from guys of that type. Here’s one example: “Matt, you’re such an idiot. “Chivalry” is bull sh*t. Why should I treat women any different from men?”

Uh, maybe because they ARE different, professor. But, sure, go ahead and treat your wife like a dude and see how long your marriage lasts. A guy who beats his wife is no worse than a guy who gets into a shoving match with his buddy, right? Again, good luck in your relationships, my friend. I’m just hoping for the day that our culture catches a glimpse of its reflection in the puddle of sewage on the sidewalk. Marriages are falling apart at a record pace, people are deathly afraid of commitment, and we’re raising a generation of kids who are terrified of getting married because they’ve never seen a healthy example of how it’s supposed to work. Think about that: there are millions of people in this country who have NEVER come in contact with a successful romantic relationship. That is absolutely chilling.

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