Flotsam & Jetsam (8/29)

Offensive, Absurd, and Pornographic? On MTV, you say? I Can’t Believe It! – “Today the country is infuriated that a pop star, who made a hit song about being a vulgar, drug addled floozy, had the audacity to go on stage and act like a vulgar, drug addled floozy while performing the song about being a vulgar, drug addled floozy. Damn it, Miley! We just like to LISTEN to young women promote and glorify debauchery and hedonism, we don’t want to SEE it!”

MovieByte Review: The Mortal Instruments – I’m shocked to hear this film stinks. Not.

I Lived – “Really living means that we scrape our knees. We hope against hope. We run farther and jump higher and sing louder than we should. We love so hard that it hurts. And  we laugh when God makes a joke. Even if the joke involves us…. And even it feels like anything but funny.”

Your Child Belongs to Us Already – Chilling.

The Church in The Pilgrim’s Progress – Frankly, I didn’t even know Bunyan’s work was under attack until I read this piece. Huh. You learn something new every day.

50 Years Ago: The Christian Speech – “Malcolm X, an angry young Muslim, asked, ‘Who ever heard of angry revolutionaries swinging their bare feet together with their oppressor in lily pad pools, with gospels and guitars and ‘I have a dream’ speeches?’ That’s true about angry revolutionaries—but the 1950s/1960s civil rights movement succeeded because its leaders spoke in dignified sorrow, not anger.”

Macklemore’s “Same Love” and the Incoherence of Postmodern Morality – THIS.

“Whereas in biblical faith, God Himself oversees and directs all that comes to pass, in the pagan mind the world is largely chaos and the State provides a very visible means of curtailing loose ends.” – Douglas Jones

2 thoughts on “Flotsam & Jetsam (8/29)”

  1. The Miley Cyrus post: This is most decidedly the best article I’ve read on the whole Miley Cyrus….thing. And there’s been a LOT of them. This guy doesn’t turn it into something mushy and emotional. Instead he calls it like he sees it. And, to me at least, that’s about a hundred and fifty times more powerful and moving than all the melodrama.

    My post: Thank you! And I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to write it, if you hadn’t shown me that song. So thank you, again. :)

    The Goldberg quote: I seriously need to get this book.

    The post about Macklemore’s song: Wow. This. Is. Awesome. He completely demolishes Macklemore’s dangerously sentimental hogwash. Like a boss. ;) *applause*

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