6 thoughts on “Dear High School”

  1. Congratulations, dear brother. Love the analogy. :) I know this movie was earlier than your graduation, but it got me to thinking of the movies that were out the year I graduated. I couldn’t remember that far back so I looked them up. So here’s the roundup…

    Halloween… after 15-yo I never liked the holiday much, and this nailed it for me. Beware of trick or treaters.
    Animal House… what movie could make life at college look more bleak.
    Superman… if wearing blue tights and a red cape was my only hope, then the future was darker than I thought.
    Coming Home… made the post-Vietnam seventies a confusing and traumatic time for all. This movie didn’t help me much.
    The Deer Hunter… Although this Vietnam War film didn’t paint the brightest picture of military life, I dropped out of college and joined the Navy anyway…
    Jaws 2… to be a U.S. Navy-trained Deep Sea diver. I figured that if a shark wanted me that badly, at least I’d be doing something I loved and wanted to do since I was 7 years old.

    Sorry to wax rhapsodic, but I haven’t posted on your blog in awhile.

    Blessings to you, my dear friend; and congratulations again.

  2. Congratulations of the highest order! Though a bit cliché, this next question must needs always be asked: what do you feel God is leading you to next? Any inklings yet? :-)

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