Flotsam & Jetsam (6/18)

Some Thoughts on the Superman and Jesus Thing – If you enjoyed Man of Steel as much as I did, you’ll enjoy this short but thought-provoking piece by Derek Rishmawy.

Government Surveillance – So much win.

On Receipt of the 17th Arrow – Wilson: “We have a whole lot of apostasy going on. A lot of men — men who should know better — are clearly adrift in their inner tubes, spinning ever more rapidly as they get closer and closer to the falls. As they disappear around that last bend — we can even see the mist rising and cannot talk because of the roar — they give us one last missional wave.”

Summer Reading – Good stuff here. I’ve been eyeing Echoes of Eden for some time now; it’s probably time to (officially) throw it on the TBR pile.

Newest ‘Elysium’ Trailer – Neil Blomkamp made a stunning debut with District 9. Here’s hoping his sophomore effort is just as great. The man knows how to tell a story, and tell it in a big, smart, ambitious way; if he brings that talent to bear in Elysium, we could have another excellent sci-fi film on our hands.

Review: God With Us – This looks like a worthy read.

“It would be as easy to pluck a star out of the heavens as to pluck a saint out of the Father’s hand.” – Loraine Boettner

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