Flotsam & Jetsam (6/13)

Homeschooling Conversations – So very, very good. “The reason to start – and persevere – on this journey has to be one that is so strong that becomes part of who you are. And what reason is strong enough to make us wake up early every morning, and help us keep pressing on when our heart faints and the tears run, and we know we have failed, and we just don’t know what lies ahead, but this: to bring up our children in the Covenant of God?”

What Bloggers Can Learn From Solomon – A short piece I wrote for Matt’s blog during his June hiatus, drawing from my own experiences as a blogger.

‘Man Of Steel’ Soundtrack is Music to Our Ears – YES: “Mr. Zimmer has truly accomplished musically branding Superman for a new generation.”

On People Who Think They Are Smart – Oh, how I do love O’Connor’s writing.

But I Don’t Want Internal Safeguards… – “Once we established the supposedly constitutional right to abortion, grounded in the right to privacy, it was just a matter of time before the genuine right to privacy came apart in our hands. A nation that does not know what privacy is can hardly protect it. You can’t guard what you can’t define.”

Law and Justice – A friend recently loaned me a copy of The Law, and after reading a mere ten pages, I’ve decided I like this Bastiat guy. Very much.

BPR: Now You See Me – Ouch. Can you feel the burn?

“How great, how great a sinner I am; I am wholly a sinner, nor can my mind grasp or my tongue utter the very magnitude of my sins! May the abyss of thy mercy swallow up this abyss of sin.” – Calvin

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