Flotsam & Jetsam 6/4)

Moving Evangelicals Beyond Idolatry – Because as Sproul so eloquently observes, “Idols are not made from scratch. It involves the distortion of already present truth.”

Book of the Month: June 2013 – “The only place I knew that I differed with Grant was in a paragraph or two where he was nicer to the postmodernists than I am capable of being. Since this is a book about movies, I will only say that my approach to postmodernism, while nuanced and philosophically svelte where it needs to be, nevertheless rhymes with Chexas Mainsaw Tassacre. But other than that, I was amening my way all the way through this book.”

The Name’s Warm, Luke Warm… – You know. Kinda like James Bond. Except totally not.

Upcoming Guest Series – Since my friend Matt will be “going on an adventure!” for most of June, I’ll be contributing to a series of guest posts on his blog.

The Greatest Joy in Heaven – “No sins will hide the brightness of Jehovah’s glory from our eyes, no doubts disturb the deep calm of our enjoyment of Jehovah’s love when once we fully enter upon our portion. We shall be for ever with the Lord, and nothing more or better can be imagined.”

The Society of an Onion – Yes, indeedy.

“… the evil of socialism is not its calculable material inefficiency, but its incalculable damage to the soul.” – Benjamin Wiker


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