Flotsam & Jetsam 5/30

Nor Can I Comprehend – Yes, yes, and amen.

Rachel Held Evans Denies the Cat – “John Piper lives in a universe where terrible things happen, but he knows that when we come to know the whole story, we will stop our mouths, and bow before a holy God in order to worship Him… Rachel Held Evans lives in a world where innocent people just get caught in the machinery, and God is terribly sorry about it.”

Man Of Steel: Official Soundtrack Preview – Super? Absolutely. Zimmer is on a roll.

Pearl Harbor – Pastor Cardwell has a new book out, and yes, it’s totally worth reading. (By the way, that lone review at the bottom of the Amazon page was written by one of my brothers. The book reviewing bug runs in my family.)

Recovering Perfectionist – I think all of us can relate to this on one level or another. I know I certainly can.

Tragic Worship – Trueman doing what he does best: “Of all places, the Church should surely be the most realistic. The Church knows how far humanity has fallen, understands the cost of that fall in both the incarnate death of Christ and the inevitable death of every single believer… Our worship should reflect the realities of a life that must face death before experiencing resurrection.”

Arkham Origins Trailer – Can. Not. Wait.

“How dare you say ‘Oh, so you are just a homemaker’ to the
hero of my children.” – Sinclair Ferguson

5 thoughts on “Flotsam & Jetsam 5/30”

  1. I know this is a little off topic, but just a quick question for you… do you have any interest in seeing the movie Man of Steel, and are you planning on reviewing the movie &/or the soundtrack here? I’m curious to know your thoughts on both! (I know you’ve reviewed movies & soundtracks before, and this is the movie I’m most looking forward to this summer). Cheers!

    1. I’ll certainly be reviewing the soundtrack – look for that early in June. As for the movie itself, I won’t be writing the official review for MovieByte, but I will do a short write-up here and on my film review blog (reel quick).

      I’m greatly anticipating Man Of Steel, too. I think it will be the standout film of the summer, if not the entire year.

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