In Pursuit of Copiousness

So, ladies and gents: it appears I have another blog on my hands. Yes, you read that correctly. No, this is not a joke. Allow me to present In Pursuit of Copiousness.

The Ink Slinger isn’t going anywhere, of course. This new blog is merely an addition – the throwing out another wing, if you will. Many of the books I read (the good ones, anyway) yield bushels of quotes and phrases that I want to write down and stashed away for future reference. I keep a commonplace book already; the purpose of this commonplace blog is to help organize the tidbits I find and thus make them easier to find later on. Many thanks to Becky for the inspiration.

Do I want to sort through all the Chesterton scraps I’ve accumulated? There’s a tag for that. Do I need a quote on, say, writing? Enter the categories.

Also, I like to share – especially if the sharing involves words – so that’s another major motivation. Stroll on over to the new site and hit the subscribe button. Just be warned that your inbox may experience some major flooding.

Just kidding.

(Actually, no, I’m not.)


7 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Copiousness”

  1. Hello, 911, I’d like to report a drowning. The victim was innocently reading her email when a sudden spring flood rose up and engulfed her, her body has not yet been recovered. It’ suspected that the Ink Slinger shoved her into the stream, but that’s not clear yet…


    Kidding, This sounds great! :)

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