Flotsam & Jetsam (4/16)

When the Bombs Exploded in Boston – “… as the video clips of the bombings began to emerge, my heart responded in shock and horror. Our hearts are wired to respond to atrocities like this, whether we’re near or far from the scene.”

3 Ways the Gospel Changes Marriage – Because a Christian marriage isn’t merely the union of two persons, but the union of two persons “united together in Jesus Christ.”

Geek Check – Are you a Star Wars nerd with a love for the Puritans? Step on up.

A Different Kind of Back Alley – Betsy Childs writes, “The message that women should be allowed to do whatever they want with their own bodies over time evolved into the reality that doctors could do whatever they want to those women without oversight.”

Needless – Pink: 1 Antinomianism: 0.

“Jesus Christ as only an example will crush you. You’ll never be able to live up to it. But Jesus Christ as the Lamb will save you.” – Tim Keller


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