9 thoughts on “How Hollywood Converts Novels Into Movies”

  1. Water down the plot, butcher the characters, trim out the best scenes, and send it down the pipe-line for crap-eating masses… sounds right to me! :D

  2. to be fair to Hollywood, they get it right sometimes. When they don’t, they are keen to admit it e.g.: Apollo 13.But yeh I can see the humour in this. lol

    1. I agree, they do get it right sometimes (LOTR, To Kill A Mockingbird, etc.)… but their track record still ain’t that good. :) I’m keeping my fingers crossed for The Great Gatsby; my opinion of Hollywood’s abilities will rise greatly if it’s pulled it off.

  3. Oh my…..This is awesome xD.
    Americans are so accustomed to watching and reading …*ahem*….crap, they don’t even know the difference between garbage and good food any more. So Hollywood keeps it comin’ ;)

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