On the Bookshelf XVII


Anathem by Neal Stephenson
I’ve never read anything by Stephenson before, but I picked Anathem up for $1.99 in the Kindle store – which is a pretty good deal, considering the length of the book is well over 900 pages. I’ve barely started, but a family vacation is on the horizon, and you know what that means: lots of time in the car with nothing to do but read. Cool.
Defiant Joy: The Remarkable Life & Impact of G.K. Chesterton by Kevin Belmont
Looking forward to this one: “You may be aware that G.K. Chesterton authored influential Christian biographies and apologetics. But you may not know the larger-than-life Gilbert Keith Chesterton himself – not yet.”
The Hole In Our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung
Rev Kev for the win. That is all.
The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe
“A breath-taking epic, a magnificent adventure story, and an investigation into the true heroism and courage of the first Americans to conquer space.” My first encounter with Mr. Wolfe’s writing, and possibly one of the best non-fiction books I’ll read this year.
Metamorphoses by Ovid
If I’ve learned anything from this book – and I’ve learned quite a bit – it is that the pagan deities truly were a sorry bunch. (I’m reading the translation by Charles Martin.)
A Shot of Faith (To the Head) by Mitch Stokes
I’d anticipated reading this one ever since Douglas Wilson named it “Book of the Month” for May 2012. So far, it hasn’t disappointed. Stokes is a sharp and tremendously readable writer – he defends Christian belief, takes the offensive against atheism, and helps the reader build his own “arsenal” with which to confront the skeptics. Highly recommended.
The Little Black Book of Violence by Lawrence A. Kane and Chris Wilder
“A very cool yet frightening perspective on violence; a book where the dreams of heroism and adventure are acted upon with proper forethought and intellect.” Gotta love the title. Right? Right? Okay, maybe it’s a guy thing.

What’s on your bookshelf right now?

6 thoughts on “On the Bookshelf XVII”

  1. How in the world do you find time to read so many books at one time?! That must be awesomeness. I can barely find time to read one book at a time, aside from all my school work.

    Ooh! ‘The Right Stuff’ sounds good.
    And so does ‘Defiant Joy’. Anything involving Chesterton catches my attention :)

    (And, actually, I’ll admit that the title ‘The Little Black Book of Violence’ does sound rather intriguing too . . . haha)

    1. School reading aside, I like to have at least three books going at once, since it gives me some variety. When I get tired of reading Clancy, I can pick up Trueman, and so on and so forth. Audiobooks are a helpful tool, too, since they allow you to do something else (like morning chores) while making progress in a book.

      Yeah, I figured Belmont’s book might catch your attention, considering how often you quote GKC. And if you find the title Little Black Book of Violence intriguing, you’re okay in my book. ;)

  2. Little Black Book Of Violence Sounds legit.

    I like a lot of your suggestions, here are my current readings and one for the very near future.

    Exegetcal Fallacies D.A. Carson

    The King James Only Controversy Dr. James White

    Studies In Perfectionism B. B. Warfield (forthcoming in the mail)

  3. How do you manage to read so many books at a time? I can barely handle two!

    Right now I’ve been reading George Muller’s complete autobiography and “Christian Love” by Hugh Binning. Very good, both of ’em.

    I also just finished three of Elizabeth Prentiss’ books. She’s my favorite author!

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