Flotsam & Jetsam (3/28)

Legal Abortion and “Men Without Chests” – Another terrific post from Matt: “Though many fail to recognize it, Roe v. Wade (along with our society’s abandonment of the traditional virtues of manhood) has actually undermined the dignity of women, and contributed to a culture of consequence-free sex that’s destructive for everyone.”

Gates of Fire – Can’t wait to get a copy of this book. It sounds awesome.

Praying Ephesians: Ephesians 1 – “Help us today to live by Grace, with our eyes fixed on the cross and the power of the resurrection. Help us today to build your Kingdom and build up for ourselves treasures in Heaven.”

When the Bubble Bursts – Excellent.

Augustine: For Professors, Poets, and Pastors – Trueman writes, “For [Augustine], it was not the pursuit of truth or some nebulous ‘journey’ which was the important thing; it was finding and resting in truth, real truth, God’s truth.   Thus, he spent much of his early life pursuing that truth, through education, through Manicheeism and through neo-Platonism; it was only when he found Christianity and came to rest in God himself that he found the  truth, beauty, and the fulfillment that comes from the same.”

Healthful Christianity – Epic Pink.

“In the precepts of the law, God is but the rewarder of perfect righteousness, which all of us lack, and conversely, the severe judge of evil deeds. But in Christ his face shines, full of grace and gentleness, even upon us poor and unworthy sinners.” – Calvin

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