St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies

P.S. As one YouTube commenter pointed out, the humor in this video isn’t intended to “knock the teaching abilities of St. Patrick, who was an amazing dude, but to show that all Trinitarian analogies have problems.” Bingo.


3 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies”

  1. Funny Ink,

    My take on the Trinity uses the Trillium instead of the lowly clover, and instead of saying we can’t understand it, I say its within reason for God to do anything outside the laws of the universe because He created all that is as well as the laws that restrict us, therefore God is not limited by them.
    Miracles such as the Incarnation,Virgin Birth of Christ,Trinity,crucifixion, and the resurrection of Christ from the dead, are all in alignment with the idea of God.
    Like the Beautiful Trillium
    People often struggle with the idea of the trinity. How can God be a man and a Spirit and God all at the same time?
    The answer is easier when we remember He is God. Nothing is too hard for God. He fills all of the universe at the same time, knows all of our thoughts continually, sees perfectly in total darkness. Still His power is no less.
    When God had a son he did not create another God. God inhabited flesh and bones. Why? Because He is Holy and Just. A man would have to atone for the sins of mankind. But no man was the perfect offering required for sacrifice. God loved us so much that He personally came to endure the hardships of life and still be able to love His enemies. He allowed them to kill Him on a Roman cross. He bore our punishment and endured our shame because He loved us. Then three days later He overcame the grave to prove He can do the same thing for all who believe in Him as Lord and Savior.

    I like to keep it simple…..

    But the video is video is way funnier….: )

  2. LOl! That’s awesome! Loving that the “simple” irishmen are the ones spouting off all the heresies. :D
    And of course there’s the minor detail that Christianity was actually brought to Ireland by Egyptian Christian monks before St. Patrick came along, but whatever… :)

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