Flotsam & Jetsam (2/28)

The Most Offensive Verse in the Bible – Love this.

Peer Pressure Review – “The world runs on accusation. They will accuse your going out and coming in. If deacon Jones goes on a bender, they laugh at his hypocrisy. If deacon Jones declines to go on a bender, they laugh at all the scruples he has wound around his axle.”

C.S. Lewis: A Life – Another one for the TBR pile.

Reaching Catholics in Your Community – “It is not enough to understand Catholic doctrine; we must also pause to consider assumptions, priorities, attitudes, fears, and common commitments.” Some interesting distinctions here.

Anathem – $1.99 is a pretty awesome deal for a book this massive. I haven’t read it yet, but it comes highly recommended.

Book Review: Science and God – “The issue of science versus Christianity and more specifically the issue of creation is one that all believers need to wrestle through. Given that fact, I am sorry to write that I was disappointed in Science and God.”

“No state is healthful which tells its members to take no thought of the morrow because the state underwrites their future.” – Richard Weaver

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