Flotsam & Jetsam (1/31)

Paperman – The kind of love story Stephanie Meyer could only dream of writing.

Heliocentric Worship – “God-centered worship exults in the river of pleasure at God’s right hand. God-centered worship does not say, ‘Shut up, worms, the Scriptures will be read now.'”

Word Cloud: The Westminster Confession of Faith – Love it.

Battles Are Ugly When Women Fight – “As Lewis said, battles are ugly when women fight. But societies that send their women off to war are even uglier.”

My Inner Moralist – Fantastic: “The promises of God aren’t mine because of the accuracy of my understanding or the state of my Christian walk.  They are freely dispensed from Mercy’s hand and no other. God has committed Himself to be my God and placed me in Christ where all His promises find their yes and amen.”

The Heavenly Father’s Shout of Eternal Love – Becky shares from Bryan Chapell’s commentary on Ephesians. Beautiful words.

When You Get More Than You Bargained For – Like this guy… who tried holding up a service station in Germany… with a knife. The moral of the story? “Never bring a knife to a baseball game.”

“One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.” – Steven Wright

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