Soundtrack Review: Dredd

(Original Film Soundtrack)
Composer: Paul Leonard-Morgan
Running Time: 51 min.
Released: 2012
Opinon Stars: ★★★★

If Ramin Djawadi’s Iron Man soundtrack were married to the Daft Punkian techno of Tron: Legacy, their child would probably sound something like Dredd. Which is to say: slick, hard-hitting, and very, very cool. It’s a knockout. I haven’t seen the film yet – it’s rather popular on Netflix and therefore hard to get – but I’ve no doubt the score fits it as snugly as a bullet casing. (Watch the trailer and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.) The fusion of rocking action cues with brooding electronic soundscapes works beautifully here. Final result? The kind of music that makes even dishwashing seem like an epic task.

Standout tracks:
– She’s a Pass
– Mega City One
– The Plan
– Mini-Guns
– Order In the Chaos
– Taking Over Peach Trees
– Apocalyptic Wasteland

“I wanted to create a really gritty, urban score for the film, not a typical Hollywood, glossy score. I pictured a sound which fitted a future set in 100 years time, so traditional orchestra went out the window.” ReelScotland recently conducted an interview with Paul Leonard-Morgan; you can read it here.

5 thoughts on “Soundtrack Review: Dredd”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Dredd, and even better things about the soundtrack. But I make it a point never to listen to a soundtrack before seeing the movie; so much of a movie is given away just by track titles and musical cues, at least for someone with a trained ear and a phonographic memory. Regardless, your praise for this soundtrack really makes me want to see the movie, if only to listen to the soundtrack. :)

  2. I watched the Dredd movie a while back. Was alright, good enough to make me read the Judge Dredd comics, which now some of my favorites. And yes, the soundtrack is killer.

  3. (Wow, you replied fast.) I’ve read Judge Dredd Case Files, volumes 1 and 2. First one introduces you to the character; the second takes him through two epics, “The Cursed Earth” and “The Day the Law Died.” I guess that’s a good place to start.

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