One thought on “The Descent of the Modernists”

  1. Dear Ink Slinger,
    Grace and peace in Christ Jesus!
    As the pendulum swings… If this were a characterization of post modernists, they would be flying up an escalator taking Kirkegaard’s “leap of faith” only to realize that they have jumped off of the escalator into thin air. But, alas! They have landed on a cloud! Now, initially they are relieved not to have fallen into thin air, but as soon as they realize that the laws of physics are still in operation in the physical world, they plummet to the ground just like Wile E. Coyote. But, alas! They can create their very own reality so in the end it really doesn’t matter at all. Whewwww, I was concerned there for a moment. (And who says; “she has no imagination?”)
    Hope you don’t mind a smidge of comic relief:) or perphaps in my case it is comic grief:(
    Blessings to all! charisse

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