Grace and Culture Building

You cannot flunk out of the Christian faith. You can be expelled for high rebellion (which is what excommunication is), but you cannot be kicked out for being slow or lazy. You cannot even be kicked out for being sinful. How many times will God accept you back to this Table? More than seventy times seven? The church is tailor-made for misfits. Robert Frost once defined home as the place where, ‘if you have to go, they have to take you in.’ And this is why, in a fundamental way, the church is your home. You might be the king of the screw-ups, but you are always most welcome here. Own your sin, and you are never on your own.

An excellent sermon by Pastor Wilson. Part II can be found here – I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’ve no doubt it’s as good as the first installment. (Thanks to Becky for originally bring it to my attention.)


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