“My Life Is Hid”

Colossians 3:3

Our life is hid with Christ in God.

MY words and thoughts do both express this notion,
That LIFE hath with the sun a double motion.
The first IS straight, and our diurnal friend:
The other HID, and doth obliquely bend.
One life is wrapt IN flesh, and tends to earth;
The other winds t’wards HIM whose happy birth
Taught me to live here so THAT still one eye
Should aim and shoot at that which IS on high –
Quitting with daily labour all MY pleasure,
To gain at harvest an eternal TREASURE.

– George Herbert

3 thoughts on ““My Life Is Hid””

  1. Beautiful. You’ve just persuaded me to go steal my sister’s book of George Herbert poems. Did I say steal? I meant borrow of course…

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