Soundtrack Giveaway 2012 Winner

And the providential winner of this year’s soundtrack giveaway is… Matt! Congrats, man! I’ll contact you by e-mail and get your prize sent to you as soon as possible!

To everyone else who participated… thanks and thanks again. This is the third time I’ve done this. The first time, 8 people participated. The second time, 34 people participated. This time, 60 people participated. Pretty cool, I think. I’ll be hosting this giveaway annually, so be sure to stick around (and spread the word).

4 thoughts on “Soundtrack Giveaway 2012 Winner”

  1. Congrats! *tosses cupcakes and confetti*

    Oh, I’ll be waiting. :D It’s such a great giveaway. I’m tempted to steal your idea…

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