Skywalker, Meet Mickey Mouse

I wrote an opinion piece for MovieByte on the recent purchasing of Lucasfilm by Walt Disney. This is my first real stab at writing something like this, so I’d love to hear your thoughts about it – especially if you’re a Star Wars nerd.

When the news broke yesterday that George Lucas was passing off the Star Wars baton (or should I say, lightsaber) to Disney, I didn’t know what to think. I still don’t.

Allow me to clarify: I do know this is a big deal. I do not know if I should be happy about it. Continue reading —>

8 thoughts on “Skywalker, Meet Mickey Mouse”

  1. I am not into Star Wars anymore… or Disney (except when it means making the grandkids happy), but I did as you asked and read your bit for “bytes” and all I can say is once again, Corey… you have a way of expressing, with sincerity, what you believe. Well written!
    I do think Star Wars done Disney style sounds like it could work… Kinda like Chevy Chase meets Indians Jones. :)
    (Not as good with the words as you!!)

  2. Excellent piece of writing, brother. I’m not much of a movie buff unless one asks me what Harpo Marx said in Horsefeathers or A Day at the Races. In fact (and this is why I didn’t post this on the MovieByte site for fear of being thrashed and ripped to ribbons with a typeset entertainment rant), I didn’t even see the first Star Wars episode until about 1992. In 1977, I was still thinking that Silent Running, starring Bruce Dern, was a pretty cool SciFi movie,, right up there with The Brain that Wouldn’t Die. (that woman still gives me the creeps– brrrrrr).

    At any rate, your piece was written very well. I give it two thumbs up (if my thumbs will cooperate), and coming from someone who isn’t that thrilled over Star Wars or the Mike Eisner Disney Days (even though he’s gone now, he still left an indelible mark), I enjoyed the read very much. Thanks.

    Your friend,
    a fellow writer that tries not to be too much of a blighter, :)

  3. I keep imagining Darth Vader singing “Whistle while you work” whilst doing a spot of Death Star spring cleaning with storm tropper chorus and a bevy of woodland animals.

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