Two Year Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the Two Year Giveaway is… Amy at Proverbs 31:10! Congratulations! I’ll contact you by e-mail and have your book shipped as soon as possible.

Thanks and thanks again to everybody else who participated. I plan on doing one of these every year, so don’t wander off. Also, keep an eye out for the third annual soundtrack giveaway, coming in December – consider yourself warned.

7 thoughts on “Two Year Giveaway Winner”

  1. Eeeep! Thank you so much, Corey! Totally made my day to get your message on Twitter. :) I’m super excited about reading this!

    Aww, thanks, Aubrey dear. *hugs back*

  2. Humph. So I didn’t win, huh? I’m taking personal offense. I am. In fact, I’ve decided to quit reading your blog altogether. I’m unfriending you on Twitter. I’m….I’m…..I’m going to draw a mustache on you in your family picture that I have. Yes. And I’m going to….I’m going to send you a cake in the mail. A big, crumbly, disgustingly frosting-covered cake. So there. Humph. That’ll teach you.

    (I hear you now. In the words of a Bob Hope movie “Don’t try to cheer me up”)

    –Congratulations, Amy!

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