The New Birth… No, I’m Being Literal This Time

My new brother, Elijah Henry, entered the world this morning at 8:13 AM. As you can see, the look on his face suggests that being born wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time. Just wait ’til he arrives home – he has no clue what a crazy family he’s been born into.

37 thoughts on “The New Birth… No, I’m Being Literal This Time”

  1. Aww! I don’t care how disgruntled he looks; he’s precious. Congratulations to both him and you; you for getting a new sibling, and him for getting a crazy family in the most awesome way possible. ;)

  2. *gasp of happiness* Awwwww! That, my friend, is perfectly lovely. And ha, boy, he has no idea what he’s in for. But he’ll love it. I’m glad to know he’ll be surrounded by some very fantastic big brothers….. ;)

  3. Aw, how wonderful!!!!! We’re so excited for y’all. :) I’m sure that little Elijah will be extremely happy with the family he was blessed with… why, with all the older brothers teaching him how to devour books and sword fight, I’m sure he’ll have the time of his life! ;) hehe! In all seriousness, though…. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :) :D

  4. Awwwww! Let’s see, guns, books, a big family, and Corey as an oldest brother, what newborn wouldn’t want that?? :)

  5. Awwww!! So cute!! I’m so very glad he was born safely. :D Congratulations, Corey! And to all your family! :D (And I think he’s pretty lucky to have been born into the Poff family. ;) )

  6. Congratulations to your entire family! He’s a cutie… that face, well… he’s still a cutie. I think he didn’t like the bright lights. I pray for your mother… a newborn is very time consuming but the greatest “earthly” joy a mother can experience.
    Blessings to all…

  7. Sure he would be disgruntled…being born that early in the morning… ;)

    Congrats to the whole Poff clan on their newest member! Godspeed.

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