Seven Problems with Modern Music (Blimey Cow)


12 thoughts on “Seven Problems with Modern Music (Blimey Cow)”

  1. Hilarious video! :D I despise rap! I seriously can’t stand more than a second of it. I rarely listen to actual songs, mostly it is movie soundtracks (Star Wars,Indiana Jones, LOTR, Avengers ect.), orchestra music, and instrumental music, almost nothing with lyrics except “Johnny B. Goode”, the Marty McFly version, on occasion. :)
    My favorite composers are John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri, Howard Shore, and many others.


    1. The only rap I listen to is Shai Linne – and that’s because there’s more sound theology in one of his songs than in most American pulpits. Plus, he writes great music. :)

      You have good taste in film composers.

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