Brian Regan on Refrigerators


9 thoughts on “Brian Regan on Refrigerators”

  1. Hahahaha!! I love this one!!!! He’s so funny…. “Crisper for……. chips…?” and “all sorts of meats….um….” ;) Ha! Thanks for posting this!

  2. After watching this we spent the evening watching this hilarious man. My husband recently had an eye doctor appointment which resulted in a visit to two specialists so his bit on the eye doctor had tears streaming down our faces! Thanks for introducing us to the source of an enjoyable evening.

    1. I don’t think I can remember just how many evenings we’ve had just like that. For the most part, he is very clean, which is WONDERFUL! And he keeps you rolling! :D

      Inky, have you seen heard this one?

      *ducks to avoid flying ink* I called you that back before we met (when you first joined CC blog, y’know?) I guess I never have forgotten that you are “Inky the rat”. ;) If you don’t remember that particular encounter, you’re looking at me like the people in the graveyard…..

      1. @CG: To be honest, I am looking at you like the people in the graveyard, because I have zero recollection of that encounter. Maybe you’re just making it up… to mess with me… as revenge… for something… ;)

        1. *Grins* I doubted if you would remember it…..your remark on that post was one of those ‘stories’ that Mr. Eddings would ask for, and you had the bad guy calling the Calvinists ‘rats’–so I commented and remarked that you must therefore be christened “inky the rat”. I’m beginning to sound very strange. It’s one of those jokes that falls pretty flat– like all inside jokes do when you’re not inside them. :D

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