55 Favorite Movie Lines

Inspiration for this post came from Sherry Early, who recently shared this on her blog, Semicolon. I read it and thought to myself, Fifty-five is a cool number. Why not do a similar post? So I did. And here you are. The movie geek in me is now obvious.

I should warn you ahead of time that if you’re not a cinephile, you’ll probably find this post extremely slow and incredibly stupid. I know I have at least a few fellow movie buffs among my readership, so if you’re there, now’s the time to speak up (in the comment section).

Also, take note: in the – slightly altered – words of Mark Twain, “Readers attempting to find profundity in this post will be prosecuted; readers attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; readers attempting to find a coherent structure in it will be shot.”

Just so we’re clear. Now, in no particularly organized fashion, I give you some of my favorite lines from the world of film.
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Flotsam & Jetsam (7/10)

Is the Right More Ideological Than the Left? – “People who take their principals seriously understand that they have principals!” An excellent video. (HT Anne)

Why I Recommend These Books: Fiction – I’m going to second these recommendations, because 1) The Book Thief is an all-time favorite of mine, and 2) because Flannery O’Conner is the antidote to the drivel that is modern “Christian fiction.”

Sometimes You Just Want to Be Alone – Yep. He’s got the right idea.

Biblically Normed – Wilson writes, “Instead of gossip, or random updates about a bunch of nothing, use social media to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. Use it to encourage the saints—Scripture says that every word should be used to edify the one who hears. And use it to call out tyranny and coercion wherever you see it—and if you don’t see it anywhere, it is because your eyes aren’t open.” (HT Becky)

Follies and Nonsense #121 – I love this.

Lil’ Abner Meets the Big City Cultists – “With the recent break-up of Scientology poster boy Tom Cruise from Katie Holmes, and Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Scientologists are creepy’ tweets, I was reminded of an encounter I had here in LA some twenty years ago now.” Funny. Strange. And more than slightly creepy. (HT Dan Phillips)

How Titanic Should Have Ended – I just about died when I first saw this. (There is some brief crude language, however, so it’s not for youngsters.)

The Dark Knight Rises – For my fellow soundtrack geeks: Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack becomes available on July 17th. Are you ready?

“For there is no one so great or mighty that he can avoid the misery that will rise up against him when he resists and strives against God.” ~ John Calvin

The Flaming Sword of Justice

“He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree!” 1 Peter 2:24

The most significant and appalling demonstration of God’s holiness that the universe ever beheld, infinitely distancing and transcending every other – is the sufferings and death of His only and beloved Son! The cross of Calvary exhibits God’s hatred and punishment of sin in a way and to an extent which the annihilation of millions of worlds, swept from the face of the universe by the broom of His wrath, could never have done!

Behold the most solemn display of God’s hatred of sin! Finding the sins of the Church upon Christ as its Surety, Substitute, and Savior – the wrath of God was poured out upon Him without measure! Finding the sins of His people laid upon His Son – God emptied upon His holy soul, all the vials of His wrath due to their transgressions! Go, my soul, to Calvary, and learn how holy God is, and what a monstrous thing sin is, and how imperiously, solemnly, and holily bound, Jehovah is to punish it, either in the person of the sinner, or in the person of a Surety. Never was the Son of God dearer to the Father than at the very moment that the sword of divine justice, flaming and flashing, pierced to its hilt His holy heart!

But it was the wrath of God, not against His beloved Son – but against the sins which met on Him when presenting Himself on the cross as the substitutionary sacrifice and offering for His Church. He gave Himself for us!

What a new conception must angels have formed of the exceeding sinfulness of sin, when they beheld the flaming sword of justice quenched in the holy, loving bosom of Jesus! And in what a dazzling light does this fact place the marvelous love of God to sinners! Man’s sin – and God’s love; the indescribable enormity of the one – and the immeasurable greatness of the other; are exhibited in the cross of Christ as nowhere else.

Oh, to learn experimentally these two great facts: sin’s infinite hatefulness – and love’s infinite holiness! The love of God in giving His Son to die; the love of Christ in dying; the essential turpitude and unmitigated enormity of sin, which demanded a Sacrifice so Divine, so holy, and so precious!

~ Octavius Winslow, Christ’s Sympathy to Weary Pilgrims

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