In Which I Explain My Forthcoming Absence

Dear Reader,

By this time tomorrow, I will be well on my way out of the country. Destination? Mexico City, where I will have the privilege of spending most of June with the Pliego family. Awesome.

In preparation for the trip, I’ve been gathering supplies from all over creation (not really) and pondering the way time flies. It must be driving one of these, and there aren’t any policemen to bust it with a speeding ticket.

Your prayers are coveted for safe, healthy, and hassle-free travel. I’ve never flown solo before (much less out of country), so this ought to be an interesting experience. You should pray for the Pliego family, too – they’ll be putting up with me for three whole weeks.

Luggage is being packed, however slowly, and is beginning to have some semblance of ordered chaos. Clothes? Check. Shoes? Check. Books? Check. Inflatable rubber ducky? Now wait just a bleeding minute…

I’ll be taking Denzel Washington with me. He’s been to Mexico City before and has the requisite “street smarts.” Plus, if we run into any trouble… well, let’s just say he’s capable of reacting in a very memorable (read: unpleasant) way. Think of him as a WMD with sunglasses and a cool suit.

33 thoughts on “In Which I Explain My Forthcoming Absence”

  1. What a great opportunity! We’ll miss your posts in the blogosphere, but I hope you have a fantastic and blessed time! :D

  2. Fun!
    Ahh, don’t be worried, flying solo is if anything easier than flying with a group. And international just means more security. As long as you follow the signs, or lack thereof, and provided you brought some bribe money…I mean.. umm. :)

    Inflatable rubber ducky? Mostly unnecessary. Stuffed dog? very necessary. :)

  3. Have a wonderful time & please hug Mrs. Pliego for me. My daughter just did her first flights alone, and she lived to tell. You’ll be fine. :)

  4. Have a great visit, Ink! I’ll be eager to hear all about your adventures. And I will be praying for your sweet mama, because I know she’s going to miss you, as all of your siblings, no doubt.

  5. Don’t be concerned with “flying solo”…remember you so have the the Ultimate Navigator! He will guide you and keep you. I will add you to my prayer list! Enjoy this time…
    Many blessings…
    PS An inflatable rubber ducky??? :) Take a bathtub size one if you desire…at least that’s more practical..n fun.. ;)

  6. Well, hope you and your inflatable rubber ducky have a very good time south of the border, Corey. Oh, and can you say “Hi” to Denzel for me?

  7. I flew solo (with my dad) and lived to tell the tale.

    You’ll be fine….. you’ll just come back like I came back… tons of embarrassing moments, one arm completely off, my wits no longer about me, hair disheveled, looking like I just came back from no- mans land, my cargo all mixed up with the other passengers, two fingers left behind, and the only thing on my mind was regret. ;)

    ha! just kidding…

    Have fun.

  8. Hi Ink Slinger, Will be praying for you, I know you will be blessed and you will be safe with the
    Lord on your side. When it’s time to come home, you will wonder where the time has gone. Enjoy
    dear grandson. What a blessing to spend time in Mexico with Christian friends.

  9. I’ll definitely be praying for the Pliego family. ;) haha! I guess I’ll pray you stay safe as well. ;)
    I hope you have a good time and that you’ll learn lots. Always a good time to learn something, right? :)

  10. Driving one of those things? Have you forgotten the Marauder?!

    And will you blog with an accent when you come back?

    Oh well……..have fun…….and eat lots of spicy Mexican food for me, okay? We are about half Mexican (all of that half is in our taste buds though). :D

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