9 thoughts on “Cereal Commercial”

  1. Interesting example of the TV’s influence (whether you want it to or not) on people. Humorous comic. Thank you for posting. :)

  2. So that’s how commercials work. :D Honestly, though–we listen to old radio shows sometimes (like in the 40’s), and one of them was sponsored by Dr. Pepper. They talk and talk about it, and really, I see why commercials work now! Not that I’m tempted to buy Dr. Pepper (aka “steering fluid”), but once one gets familiar with a name, when they need something like toothpaste, they will pick the one that they know most about. “Coalgate dental cream cleans your breath, while it cleans your teeth!” –that’s off of a 1947 commercial. Pretty bad, I know, that I can quote it. But that’s the influence of commercials! Not a bad deal.

    So much for philosophy.

  3. It’s sad when you can see yourself in his position (his thought bubble, not the compulsion to buy their cereal). Isn’t it?

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