13 thoughts on “Bourne Vivaldi (The Piano Guys)”

  1. Your math is all wrong, dude. It adds up to pure awesomeness.

    Just teasing. ;) I love this piece, and I’m not a might surprised to find you like it as well. :D The location they shot this in is amazing… and that steel cello! Sci-fi/steampunk prop, anyone?

    1. What? Wrong? I know math is not my strongest point, but I checked that equation over and over again… ;)

      Yes, the location (and cinematography) are both very cool. Glad that steel cello caught your eye, too – as soon as I saw it, I thought, “Now THAT is cool.” :) And you’re right: it would look right at home in a Sci-fi or Steampunk story.

  2. Awesome piece! But most things The Piano Guys do is awesome :D This is one of their best though. Thank you for posting such artistry. :)

  3. Dude,all their music is pure sweetness so should we expect anything less? ;) know what I’m sayn’? *nudges with elbow* huh? do ya’, do ya’ huh? ;D

  4. The Piano Guys are great, this is one of my favorite videos of theirs. The Bourne movies and music are great, I can’t wait for The Bourne Legacy.
    Also I like you warning on the sidebar. I can’t stand PC juke, Politically-Incorrect is always better.


    1. I’m greatly looking forward to Legacy – Renner is a superb actor, and I think he’ll do very well in it.

      Glad you liked the “warning” – I’m allergic to PCness, too. :)

  5. Pretty good on the equation, but sweetness is not an acceptable math term, it’s meaning being to vague. :)

    In all seriousness, love this! :)

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